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House#105/A, Ring road, Shamoli, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9133265 Officers In Charge: 01713373183

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H-12/A, R-17, DIT Project, Marul Badda, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9882625, Officers In Charge: 01713373173

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R-7, H-37, Banani, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9894032, Officers In Charge: 01769058053

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English Road, Fazlul Haque Comunity Center

(2nd Floor), Bangshal

Phone: 02-9565700, Officers In Charge: 01713398336

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1st Floor RAB (HQ), Uttara

Phone: 02-8901853, Officers In Charge: 01713373162

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Bhashantek, Mirpur, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8713023, Officers In Charge: 01769058057

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MES Jia Koloni, Cantonment, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8712350, Officers In Charge: 01713373172

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Bakshi Bazer Road, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7313966, Officers In Charge: 01713398337

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Dakhin Khan

Bidurbari Road, Thana More, Dhaka

Phone: 2-8931777, Officers In Charge: 01713373165

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100 Golartek, Mirpur, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8032333, Officers In Charge: 01713398334

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Bowani Jute Mills, Demra, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7501155, Officers In Charge: 01713373144

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R#6. H#21, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8631941, Officers In Charge: 01713373126

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Keshab Benarjee Rd, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7453294, Officers In Charge: 01713398331

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H-32, 115 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-2, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9895826, Officers In Charge: 01713373171

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98/2 Gojmohal, Hazaribag, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9669900, Officers In Charge: 01713373136

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Dhaka-Demra Highway, Tipusultan Rd, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7546244, Officers In Charge: 01713373146

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Mirpur-14, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9001061, Officers In Charge: 01713373191

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30 North road, Vutergoli, Kalabagan, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9665254, Officers In Charge: 01713398339

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Signboard, Asrafabad, Kamrangirchar, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7320323, Officers In Charge: 01713373137

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Khilgaon Taltola Market, Block#A, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7219090, Officers In Charge: 01713373154

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R-1, Nikunjo-2(South Side), Khilkhet, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8911786, Officers In Charge: 01713373174

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Rayerbagh Rd, Mujahidnagar, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7547755, Officers In Charge: 01713398333

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2 No Simson Road, Kotwali, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7116255, Officers In Charge: 01713373135

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House#24, Shaheed Nagar, RND Road, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9660105, Officers In Charge: 01713373134

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Mirpur Model

Mirpur-2, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9001001, Officers In Charge: 01713373189

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Block#E, Mohammadia Housing Estate

Sat Mosjid Road, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9119943, Officers In Charge: 01713373182

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 140 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9571000, Officers In Charge: 01713373152

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Wapdagoli, Mugda, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7549722, Officers In Charge: 01769058061

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New Market

Nilkhet Katabon Road, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8631942, Officers In Charge: 01713373128

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Pallabi-12, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9015922, Officers In Charge: 01713373190

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Paltan VIP Road, Paltan, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9360802, Officers In Charge: 01713373155

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Ramna Model

Old Elephant road, Ramna, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9350468, Officers In Charge: 01713373125

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House#21,Block#H, Road#3/1, Khilgoan, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7290999, Officers In Charge: 01713398526

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House#10/A, Road#8, Section#7, Arambagh, Rupnagar

Phone: 02-9002177, Officers In Charge: 01769058059

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202 Moddho Basabo

Phone: 02-7219988, Officers In Charge: 01713373153

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Shah Ali

Road#1,Section#1, Block#B, House#29, Shah Ali

Phone: 02-9002777, Officers In Charge: 01713373192

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Shahbagh more, Shahbagh, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9676699, Officers In Charge: 01713373127

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Shahjahanpur Railway Colony, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9360535, Officers In Charge: 01769058063

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37 Water Road, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7116233, Cell: 01713373143

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Postagola, Dhaka

Phone: 02-7440691, Officers In Charge: 01713373145

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Sher-e-Bangla Nagar

Sayed Mahbub Morshed Ave. Dhaka

Phone: 02-9124154, Officers In Charge: 01713398335

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Tejgaon Industrial Police

Plot 440, Tejgoan Industrial Area, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8870309, Officers In Charge: 01713373181

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56 Tejkunipara, Farmgate, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9119444, Officers In Charge: 01713373180

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Dhour, Turag, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8981247, Officers In Charge: 01713373163

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Uttara East

R-14/D, Sector-4, H-12, Uttara, Dhaka

Phone: 02-58954126, Officers In Charge: 01713373161

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Uttara West

H-48, Road No: 18, Sector: 11, Uttara, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8991315, Cell: 01769058065

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Uttar Khan

Madarbari, Mazer road, Uttarkhan, Dhaka

Phone: 02-8931888, Officers In Charge: 01713373164

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Progoti Soroni, Gulshan Notun Bazar, Vatara, Dhaka

Phone: 02-9897438, Officers In Charge: 01769050855

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Abdur Rahim Comunity Centre, 25 Tipusultan Rd, Wari

Phone: 02-9553377, Officers In Charge: 01769058051

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