Top Fashion or Clothing Brands House in Bangladesh

Garment industry of Bangladesh is already established and renowned world-wide. Currently it is the largest export-oriented industry in Bangladesh. Now most of the people in Bangladesh are becoming fashionable. Because all the fashion house designers in Bangladesh are constantly giving new designs to the customers. Customers are also interested in buying the products of the fashion house after seeing various captivating designs. The scope of the local fashion industry of Bangladesh is gradually increasing. In order to meet the demand of fashionable people of Bangladesh, there are numerous clothing brands or fashion/boutique houses. New domestic brands are coming keeping in mind the huge market of 180 million people. Here some reputed brand mentioned at below (Alphabetic Order):

  1. Aarong
  2. Anjan’s
  3. Azveeran
  4. Artisti
  5. Banglar Mela
  6. Bibiana 
  7. Cats Eye
  8. Country Boy
  9. Deshal 
  10. Dorjibari
  11. Easy Fashion
  12. Ecstasy
  13. Fit Elegance
  14. Freeland
  15. GentlePark 
  16. Grameen Uniqlo
  17. Grameencheck 
  19. Jotey 
  20. Kay Kraft
  21. Le Reve
  22. Lubnan
  23. Mensworld 
  24. Nabila Boutiques
  25. Nogordola 
  26. Rang
  27. Richman
  28. Sailor
  29. Smartex
  30. Sadakalo
  31. Texmart
  32. Trendz
  33. Vasavi 
  34. Westecs
  35. Yellow

All The Clothing Brand is available in Market Bangladesh



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